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Venue: Ile De France Pre-Funtion/Bridge [clear filter]
Thursday, July 19

2:45pm CDT

A Macro Heart for Micro Enterprise: Enriching Microenterprise Communities Through Student Consultancy Ile De France Pre-Funtion/BridgeStacy Neier Adaptive Braid Model as a Community-Engaged Research Framework to Strategically Incorporate Inclusivity and Intersectionality in Institutionalization. Ile De France Pre-Funtion/BridgeKristi Farner Assessing Community Engagement Courses: Are We Doing What We Think We're Doing? Ile De France Pre-Funtion/BridgeSarah Beth Dempsey Border Thinking: A Theoretical Framework for the Service-Learning Experience Ile De France Pre-Funtion/BridgeMarie-Eve Monette • Barbara Minter Catalyzing Entrepreneurship and Economic Development in Rural Mississippi: An Exploration of Student Leadership Identity Development Ile De France Pre-Funtion/BridgeJR Love • Laura Martin • Albert Nylander • Janae Owens Community Partnership Initiative - Connecting Partnership Efforts in a Decentralized Campus Ile De France Pre-Funtion/BridgeKeristiena S. Dodge • Wendy Kaiser • Anthony Starke Cultivate Writing Habit for Reflective and Active Learner in Service-Learning Curriculum: Presenting Prompts and 3 Principles. Ile De France Pre-Funtion/BridgeHironori Yamaguchi • Megumi Akiyoshi • Toru Kawai • Mitsuru Kimura • Seishi Miyashita Development of Service-learning in Japan: Through Analysis of 236 Studies from 2010 to 2017 Ile De France Pre-Funtion/BridgeTakeshi Miyazaki Engaged Graduate Education and the Research University: A Learning Community-Approach to Campus-Wide Change Ile De France Pre-Funtion/BridgeSusan C. Harris • Samantha Bernstein-Sierra Engaged Scholars: A Social Justice Self Study of a Multi-year Arts and Humanities Partnership Ile De France Pre-Funtion/BridgeGia Grier McGinns • Patrice Hutton • Dora Malech • Shawntay Stocks Engaging an Activist Ecology: Eco-pedagogy, Inclusive Space, and the Posthuman Ile De France Pre-Funtion/BridgeEmily Marie Passos Duffy Equity from the Starting Point: Planning for Social Equity in West Panama through Inclusive Research Methods Ile De France Pre-Funtion/BridgeHatvany Cristel Gomez Concepcion Exploring Artistic Innovations and Traditions through Service Learning: Bridging North Carolina Visual Arts and Korean Cultural Heritage Ile De France Pre-Funtion/BridgeBorim Song Faculty Emotions in Service-Learning Ile De France Pre-Funtion/BridgeAlexa Darby • Morgan Oldham Feedback Between Solidarity Service and Academic Learning from the Perspective of the Students Ile De France Pre-Funtion/BridgeMartin Ierullo Impact of Science and Service Learning on Middle School Students’ Resilience Ile De France Pre-Funtion/BridgeJane Lumpkin Newman • Junelle Christian • Kimberly Stephenson Integrating Civic Engagement in Online E-Service-Learning Courses: Research and Practice Ile De France Pre-Funtion/BridgeMarie-Line Germain • Lane Graves Perry • Beth Wall-Bassett Learning Beyond the Classroom: Minority-Language Community Involvement and ESL Teacher Training Ile De France Pre-Funtion/BridgeKirsten Hummel Measuring Impact of a Transformational Framework for Post-Traditional Health Professions Service-Learning Education Ile De France Pre-Funtion/BridgeCheryl Schwartz • Tristen Amador • Susan Scherer • Carmen Stagg Medical College of Wisconsin Community Engagement Survey Ile De France Pre-Funtion/BridgeSyed Ahmed • Mia DeFino • Sharon Neu Young Mentoring in community engagement: Developing the next leaders of community engaged research Ile De France Pre-Funtion/BridgeJessica L De Santis • Zeno Franco • David A Nelson • Sarah O'Connor Mid-career Professional Development Needs of Academic Service-Learning Faculty Ile De France Pre-Funtion/BridgeAlexa Darby • Tammy Cobb Preliminary Results from a Mixed Methods Study Examining the Utility of a Bilingual Virtual Community for Community Health Workers Ile De France Pre-Funtion/BridgeMelissa Hawkins • Laurel Booth • Carla Briceno Research Examining a Culture of Critical Consciousness Through International Service-Learning Ile De France Pre-Funtion/BridgeTonya Huber • Lorena P. Cestou • Analie Costilla • Martha Lozano • Elizabeth San Miguel • Clarissa Murillo • Vanessa M. Palumbo • Alexandra Reyes • Nancy Salazar • Priscilla Salazar • Sherline Salazar • Rosa Salinas • Valerie Vasquez • Erika Vela Service-Learning and Future Community Health Service Ile De France Pre-Funtion/BridgeCharity Bishop Service-Learning Program: Project SERVE (Students Empowered to Restore Values and Ethics) Ile De France Pre-Funtion/BridgeRosa Tapar Tayamora The Conundrum of Service-Learning for Nontraditional Students Ile De France Pre-Funtion/BridgeMarcela Uribe • Cihtlalli G. Perez The Impact of Peer Team-leader Behaviors, Gender, and Race on College Students Appraisal of Service-Learning Experiences Ile De France Pre-Funtion/BridgeJohn Ray Roberts • Marshall Haas • Conway F Saylor Towards a Practical Model for Community Engagement: Advancing the Art and Science in Academic Health Centers Ile De France Pre-Funtion/BridgeSyed Ahmed • Mia DeFino • Zeno Franco • David A Nelson • Sharon Neu Young Unity Through Music - Encouraging Transformative Engagement Through Music-Infused Service-Learning -A Mixed Methods Study Ile De France Pre-Funtion/BridgeSharon Widdows • Susan O'Neill Walking in their Shoes: How an International Teaching Experience in a Rural Mexican School Impacts the Empathy of Pre-Service Teachers Ile De France Pre-Funtion/BridgeValerie Hill-Jackson • Lobat Asadi • Vicki Mokuria • Monica Neshyba What Components of a Curriculum Lead to Authentic Youth Community Engagement? Ile De France Pre-Funtion/BridgeColette Ankenman • Hilvy Cheung • Patsy Eubanks Owens • Patricia N.E. Roberson • Martin Smith • Steven M. Worker Where Do They Go? Roll-off Effects & Program Cap Effects Ile De France Pre-Funtion/BridgeAlan Steinberg • Shanna Florence
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